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   Water Valley Game Reserve, South Australia, Australia

Situated in the South East of South Australia approximately four hours from Adelaide. This unique private property has a hunting area of over 400 square kilometres, making it one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere.

All Deer species in Australia are to be found in very good numbers, these being Chital, Fallow, Hog, Red, Rusa and Sambar Deer. The quality of trophy animals available is second to none, and clients have collected many world-class trophies. The high population of trophy animals combined with extensive areas of scrubland ensures that many trophy class animals survive each year - and just get bigger. It is not uncommon to find trophies having died of old age!

The animals here have free range over the entire area, yes, the entire area. Unlike most park hunts where the trophy animals are often confined to a very small hunting block within a large property, the trophies of Water Valley can be in one place today and miles away the next. Literally! Also available for hunting on the property are Water Buffalo, Black Buck, Feral Goats and Rams.

Magnum Hunts and Taxidermy, has exclusive use of a private hunting lodge on the property providing amenities not available to others. It ensures privacy and comfort, making your stay more relaxing and enjoyable.

Other South Australian sites are available as well as sites in New Caledonia, New Zealand & Africa. Contact Us for more information on other locations.

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