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Trophy Field Care

How to cape correctly

The most common errors made in field preparation, include cutting the cape to short. This is most common particularly with the preparation of boars. Always remove a lot of cape, then take some more!!!!

Steps to collecting a good skin

Here is an example of how to ruin a shoulder mount. These two Boars were collected with a 'professional guide' who then proceeded to take the cape off for the client. You will note the guide was not competent enough to take off the head skin though. The hunter brought the trophies to Magnum Hunts and Taxidermy to have them shoulder mounted. This was not possible due to the boars condition, so an expensive hunt for boars in the gulf country had been ruined by the guide, who simply did not remove enough cape. What a waste. If you use a 'professional guide', always DEMAND that heaps of cape is removed, no matter what kind of species you hunt.

The next most common error is to allow the cape to develop slip of the epidermis around the eyes, ears nose and mouth. This can be avoided by cooling the cape as quickly as possible.


Once you have taken photos of your trophy, remove the cape immediately The antlers are fine nothing can go wrong there, but if the cape starts to slip etc, you will have problems. The other fault found on the majority of capes is ear slip. Turn the ears right to the edge, the very edge, feel for it carefully with your fingers. Take your time and do it properly and you won't have a problem.

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